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Small Plates (any 3 for £15)

  • Maple BBQ nobó with crispy onion and homemade garlic mayo. (gfo) £6

  • Smoked ham style Croquettes £6

  • Wings - Cauli / Kentucky crispy wings with homemade garlic mayo.(Maple bbq /buffalo /original) £6

  • Mac and Cheese with cashew parmesan crust (gfo) £6

  • Calamari style rings with homemade lemon and dill Mayo and grilled lemon. (gfo) £6

  • Garlic butter corn ribs with cashew parmesan. (gfo) £5

  • Padron peppers (gf) £5

  • Patatas bravas with homemade Spiced tomato sauce with chipotle chilli and mild spiced homemade mayo. (gf) £5

  • Creamed spinach with pine nuts and raisins. (gf) £5

  • Homemade Hummus and Flatbreads. £6

  • Cheesy homemade flatbreads with garlic and parsley. £5

  • Seasonal fresh salad. (gf) £5

  • Chips. £4

  • Sauce. 50p


Large Plates

  • Tagliatelle carbonara with smokey bakon, mushrooms, cream, cashew parmesan and toasted pine nuts. (gfo) £13     

  • Bish and Handcut Chips with mint mushy peas, homemade tartar sauce and grilled lemon. (gfo) £13              

  • Garlic Chikn, handcut seasoned chips, garlic butter corn ribs and creamy slaw. £13

  • Sharer homemade Nachos, smoked chilli jack, picca de gallo, garlic butter bean cream and grated melted cheese...can you share?! £10

Burgers - All burgers £13, served with handcut seasoned chips. 

  • Bostin Burger - BA-HA protein patty, cheese, gherkins, onions, BA-HA burger sauce and fresh salad with hand cut seasoned chips.

  • King Kentucky Burger - Our OG BA-HA bun with crispy breaded king oyster mushroom double stacked, cheese sauce, garlic and sriracha mayo and fresh salad with Handcut Chips. (MAPLE BBQ / BUFFALO /ORIGINAL) 


  • Chocolate roulette - An exciting mix of cake pops, cookie dough balls and fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate with a chocolate drizzle. I know right!! £6

  • Fresh hot topped doughnut balls - (special - please ask the server for details / cinnamon sugar / chocolate) £6

  • Booji Bar - BA-HA classic mix of chocolate, peanuts and date caramel. A twist on the classic favourite bar, can you guess what it is? (gf) (contains nuts) £4

  • Cake slice (please ask server for cake special) £4.50

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(gf) - Gluten Free.  (gfo) - Gluten Free on request only

Should you have any dietary requirements or questions about the menu, please contact BA-HA directly:

@bahaveganuk -